M E A S U R I N G   I N S T R U C T I O N S

Inside Mount
• Measure the width of the window at the top.
The factory will automatically deduct 1/4" for clearance.

• Measure the height of the window from the top at the opening to the sill in 3 places. Use the smallest dimension for the blind height. The factory will automatically deduct 3/8".

Various window casement depths offer oppotunities for the following inside mount variations for Zirlon or Forté wheeled tracks.

Outside Mount

• Measure the width of the window plus 4" each side for light blockout and privacy. Give this measurerment when ordering.

• For perfect louver spacing, it is recommended that you round up the width measurerments to the next standard size. (See Stacking Chart, page 31).

• Measure the exact height of the window in 2 places. Use greater height. Add the recommended overlap of 3" top and bottom for a total overlap of 6". Use this measurement when ordering.

Ceiling Mount

• Follow instructions for outside mount with exceptions noted below.

• For wall-to-wall installation, specify exact width at ceiling height, factory will automatically deduct 1/4".

• For ceiling to floor blinds, measure to the top of the carpet pile in 3 places, use the smallest measurement. Factory will automatically deduct 3/8".

CAUTION! Blinds installed on windows near wall or baseboard heaters must clear the heaters by 12" above and 6" to the side.

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