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Patio Door Outside Mount
• Measure the width of the patio door. A minimum overlap of 4" on each side is recommended. Outside mount projection brackets are recommended for patio doors with projecting handles.

Clear View Option
means that the window area is completely clear when the blind in traversed open.
Do the following:
1. Look up the stack width for door in question.
2. Add the 4" overlap.
3. the door width, and
4. the stack width.
5. Round up to the next standard width.

A 6 ft. patio door requires a 72-3/4" headrail. The overlap is 4". The louver stack is 10-1/4". These add together totaling 87". For equal spacing order the next standard width which is 88-3/8".

Control Stack Options
Autowand™ available for one-way draw only, either direction.

Replacement Vanes
Replacement vanes may be ordered to change the look of an existing blind or replace damaged ones.

When ordering, indicate the style of blind and number of vanes needed. Specify Finished Blind Length (height of blind including headrail) or Cut Vane Length (length of a louver excluding headrail).
Note: There is no guarantee of color match to original order.

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